Box of 6 Cookie Pies

Our new cookie pies in boxes of 6. Choose any six from:

😍 Lotus Biscoff - filled with lotus biscoff spread and topped with lotus crumb and a chocolate lotus biscuit

😍 Nutella - filled with Nutella and topped with a hazelnut rocher and crushed hazelnuts

😍 Kinderella - filled with white hazelnut spread and topped with crushed hazelnuts and a white kinder bueno

😍 Caramac - filled with Cadbury caramel spread and topped with Caramac and caramel curls

😍 Crunchie - filled with Crunchie spread and topped with a Crunchie

😍 Maltesers - filled with Maltesers spread and topped with, yes you guessed it, Maltesers

All drizzled in white chocolate

The Kinderella and the Nutella cookie pies contains nuts. The Lotus Biscoff, Maltesers and Crunchie main contain traces, especially as they are boxed together.

Great cold but even better in the microwave for 25 seconds to warm the centre. Serve with ice-cream for that hot/cold experience. Thank us later.

Box of 6 Cookie Pies

Sweet Baby Cheezuscake

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